Waiting 5 mins for order to sell!

I’m really struggling with this platform ! Waiting 5 mins for order to execute! Not what is going on? I can’t cancel.

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Is this for a US stock? I’m experiencing the same, but in the other direction - market buy order stuck pending for about 5 minutes now.

@Sh77 Could you let us know with which instrument this is happening?

$MARK processing for 5 minutes. On buy order

XSPA - I hit sell at 2.30. This is very risky… luckily I sold where I wanted to but there was volatility in those few mins.

Edit - order executed at 2.36.

Wanted to but but not taking risk with slowness.

Yes US stock - happening to frequently.

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Happening today again really needs sorting out now

I’d rather pay for a platform knowing there is minimal delay.


@David A sell order of mine for WYND is being processed since 15:38 now, can you have a look if possible?

Edit: Processed and sold at 15:47

I’m getting exactly this too

I’m getting the same with CPRI it’s hanging there for nearly 10 minutes as the cost rises to buy.

Also having same problem trying to buy US stock and stuck in processing for about 5 mins now…

Edit - just filled 8 mins after placing order.

It’s still happening. This time for a limit order, so thankfully not so critical.

Very hesitant to buy more today on 212 until there is a guarantee that stocks will execute on time.


Yes it’s great money going down the drain…

this platform is indeed slow in processing orders

considering changing the platform …

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I had the same issue today with boeing

Me too. The processing spinner just goes on and on, you can’t cancel it, and then you miss the entry point.

Is the problem with fractional shares?