Buy/sell restriction alert

Hello T212,
I know you guys read our messages and take action, thank you for that.

I just notice that the reason I have lost 80% value of all my micropenny stocks is because of buying restriction not market down, I search T212 forum and understood the reason, but can T212 create an alert on any equity that has restriction to buy or sell or suspended equity.

Equity is restricted,

That will enable me to quickly sell and use the money to buy other equity, T212 will still charge the relevant fee, so it’s a WIN WIN for T212.

Or better still, let there be a tick on an equity that is restricted in the Portfolio Dashboard,

I have lost 80%-90% now, there is no need to sell any more, some of the equity is CBBT, CLWD, KWBT.

Thank you T212.

Can you not set a stop loss on your stock, or use the price alert in the app?

I didn’t set stop loss, I know the market fluctuate, I expect to take profit when it goes higher than my buy price, but restriction does not let the equity grow, I didn’t know there is restriction on the equity because there is nothing indicative of this, when I look at dashboard, saw its red, I thought its because overall market is down, until yesterday I clicked on CBBT equity and saw that is RESTRICTED… Oh my God.

I feel T212 should have added a warning before these were added

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Why would there need to be a warning on the stocks that they are highly volatile. Should that not be down to the user to do their own due diligence?


In a perfect world yes everyone would do their DD.

But in a world where you can read Reddit, download app and insert coin, I think simple volatility indicators would be useful.

Having stats like average volume would be useful on any stock


Would like to explain a bit more?

I did my due diligence, there was no buying nor selling restrictions when I purchased the equities, but along the line maybe something strange happened and T212 need to put restriction on the equity, it would have been best for T212 to alert the equity owner that a restriction has just been placed on xyz equity.

Am not trade professional OK, what I understood is that if there is a buying restriction, I believe other retail investors will be selling only, the stock will only be going down losing value.

T212 users are only a very small part of the worldwide traders, too small to cause any effect on stock price.


I get you many thanks, you mean other retail investors not using T212 can move the price up, OK got that, I will keep my fingers crossed.

If you actually believe in the companies then you can buy them 80% cheaper than before. Good stuff

If you purchased random companies then you learned a lesson. Stick to regularly buying into VWRL

Buy restriction is placed on the equities I mentioned like CBBT, thanks for contribution.

Yeah he means that T212 customers won’t be able to buy but they could make up something like 0.1% of the potential total so 99.9% of traders using other platforms could be buying if they chose to.

There’s no incentive for them to buy so the sell pressure just pushes it further down.

I’m assuming T212 will lift the restrictions now that volume has returned to normal.

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