Buying & Selling Timeframe/Price Clarity?

Could you advise on:

  1. The time it takes for order(Buy/Sell) exectuion as sometimes it is instant or within a Min or takes a day or more?
  2. Unable/Unclear as to what price the order is executed at? especially if i buy more of the same stock.
  3. Can you pls confirm that the price the buy order is palce is the the same price it is executed irrespective of how long it takes to execute the order.

Let’s see if I can help you out.

  1. The orders are executed as soon as possible but more specifically a Market Order is usually instant and a Limit Order of course will be executed as soon as there is a seller/buyer at your price. The time it takes can depend on the liquidity of the market/instrument and how far your order price is from the current price.

  2. There is a notification bar on the right hand side if you are using the web platform, the bell icon at the bottom will have a notification on it once the order has been executed. If you click on it it will tell you the execution price (this is in a CFD account). You can also click on your username, scroll down to ‘Result’ and then ‘Orders’ and view the execution price for all of your orders. Each order is given a unique order number even if it is the same stock so you can easily see which is which as it will have a date and time of execution written next to it. In the Invest account the bell icon exists but not the ‘Orders’ tab. Instead you click on your username, then ‘History’ and the order details will be there.

  3. The buy order price will not always be exactly the same as the execution price but T212 aims for it to be so or as close as possible if using a Market Order. If you use a Limit Order then you will ensure that you don’t pay more than the order price but sometimes you will find that you may get it for a little less.

If you have any questions let me know, I hope this helps a bit.

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Hi Rocky,
thank you for the update, however w.r.t
2. In the summary panel (botton right)i am expecting to see some of the details fron history(like fill price , if i have mulitple buys then the split etc) and the abiltiy to manage the history columns in this panel will be helpful.

  1. if point 2 above is clear them 3 will be clear for the user and also if there a diff of buy vs executed then wll be good to highlight that to the user.