Pending order not gone thru

Hi all
New to t212. I bought a few share. transaction was instant.
tried to sell one and been pending for a day.
anyone can advice why this happening ?


Welcome to the Community :tada:

The execution time depends on the market conditions and the instrument’s liquidity. Less liquid stocks tend to have a longer execution time.

For example, orders involving OTC stocks may experience slower execution times due to lower liquidity. The situation with LSE AIM instruments is similar - they may be traded via the SETSqx service, where execution happens only several times per day during the official auctions (8am, 9am, 11am, 2pm and 4:35pm). If the liquidity with such instruments is low, it will take some time until the order is executed.


it would help if you gave the stock name/ticker and confirmed whether you placed a market order or limit order