BXSL - Blackstone Secured Lending Fund

How is this not available?
How can I fallow if the ticker will be added?

Hey @kstefanov5me, welcome to the Community!

I have forwarded your request for BXSL to be added to the platform and will let you know here as soon as I have any updates.

In the meantime, you can share any other suggestions in the Stocks & ETFs requests topic. We’re always looking to expand our portfolio :pray:

Appreciate it! How long does usually takes?
Looking forward for the ticker.

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Pretty simple really. It’s not eligible to be sold in the markets 212 operate in.

Can you please expand on that? Why NYSE stock would not be available for trading on a certain market, where other stocks from the same exchange are traded. Also, I have checked with two other brokerages(local and international) and it seems the ticker is available for trading.

I can’t get quotes anywhere. I’m less certain than I was earlier though.

Where have you tried?

Elana Trading - local bulgarian exchange and IB(here I’m not certain because I just found the ticker and have not tried to open position). This is why I asked, I don’t think it’s about market not being available as it is available on local exchange regulated by the local authorities, thereof makes no sense not to be available on international platform.

Hopefully it will be added soon, I want to catch exdiv by eoy

I am cancelling my request. Thank you for your cooperation!