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Just had a quick look around and it seems I’ve missed the boat on hydrogen looks like it might pull back a bit at first glance.
BP might be a safe entry point though given the work they are doing on green hydrogen?

Keep on eye on it to see if it tests the 230 range

I’m in Bp at pre 200 levels even with some additional buy ins the same with my partners account too. Its been up to nearly 30% profit at one point and now hovers around 25%, she holds shell and total also (against my advice) and they have had similar rises so far

Taking it back on BYD just read this

“In addition, DHL Express has 72 all-electric battery-powered vans on order from multiple vendors, which will support DHL pickup and delivery operations throughout California and New York.”

I think this will be purely to “aid” advancements of local manufacturers ie ensure the local vehicles are as/more competitive


If Lloyds managed to waive a big enough number under Anne’s nose and get it I reckon that could be a game changer.

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This is the way of the world now, start ups don’t stay ahead for hundreds of years they just distort the “norm” until they are taken over and this changes the main companies way of thinking.
Should be interesting to see what happens here thanks for the link

thats how i see lloyds to, they should return back to highs mab next year, and from there just hold the position for its dividends . same for other stocks like nex national express these have been at top of my list peaking at 20% plus along with lloyds. AIG these i think will return back to there original prices pre covid but may take a good year plus. as old warren says buy low sell high, march i believe was certainly a buyers market.