Lucid group (LCID)

Hi, can you added Lucid stock (LCID) ?!
Thank you

Hi, the merger has been approved but not yet completed.

@Yanes it doesn’t need added. Your existing CCIV stock will change to LCID once the merger is completed.

And when it does merge, I’d be interested to see if there’s a lock up or anything for the PIPE guys?

It’s current valuation will be more than GM and Fords I believe. This may mean it’ll go like a rocket ship, but downwards.

Nice motors though.

Funny how i hear a lot of Lucid investors saying Tesla is overvalued and how they are the Tesla killer, yet they expect the share price to rocket all the same, with none of Teslas 18 years of building infrastructure and r&d. Not against Lucid, but don’t like the hypocrisy. I remember when Nikola was also the Tesla killer. Truth is Tesla has never been as strong as it is right now.


The change has been made. thank you all for your messages.

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