C i t r o n group ...........?

OK so these big boys who are they ? yep short sellers , so what is the deal slandering ipo s and somehow actually scaring people into selling there shares Nio, Palantir , well we knew there price was about to come down anyway but citron apparently caused this , are they any good for investing generally if all they do is short sell and scare , lets see if they mess it up for tesla , im thinking they will have a dam good try once they have what they want. they seem to just be up to no good, investors should ignore there comments of this and that. dont like this group , they should stick to making cars , only joking :flushed: or am i in fact wrong… I am surprised how people accept there word on a stock . its like well if citron says sell we better do that . something more to the bigger picture i think. for every loss theres a gain etc.