Can use change growth category on app

Can use change the growth category on the app to actual growth stocks? Since when was amazon, netflix, nvdia alibaba PayPal a growth stock?

They’re all growth stocks.


Surely they can find others that haven’t already grown 1000x. Like me saying tell me some good upcoming footballer players. Cristian Ronaldo :rofl::joy::joy:

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Surely they can. So could you.

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I have! I’m saying in the GROWTH category, some childish lame comments

I’m not sure why those companies are not defined as growth stocks

“A company stock that tends to increase in capital value rather than yield high income”

Meaning do not or pay very little in dividends and reinvest most into growth. Think all those companies meet that definition

“In finance, a growth stock is a stock of a company that generates substantial and sustainable positive cash flow and whose revenues and earnings are expected to increase at a faster rate than the average company within the same industry.”

I feel that is also the case for all those stocks. They’re growth stocks because they’re in a rapid growth stage, and yes they might be slowing down but they are still companies growing faster than the market.

If you’re looking for companies that haven’t grown much you’re more interested in speculative stocks, meaning stocks where people are anticipating that 100x growth. The growth stocks in that category are still outpacing the market and will likely become blue chip, dividend payers eventually

According with what know methodology or author these stocks are not considered Growth stocks?

What would you suggest this section become? Like pump and dump section or penny stocks with actual potential. Both sound the exact same to me.