Can we talk about stocks being added way too late after the jump?


I’m sure you are aware of the stock called GNUS, which looks like it was only added today. It is trading at $7.60 right now, however, last week it was $1.54. I actually checked if trading212 had the stock last week and I could not find it. I checked today and can see it was added today.

Why wasn’t GNUS added to T212 a month ago? the profit from $1.54 to $7.60 is now lost. Why are stocks added so late?



Mainly it’s just due to the upcoming release of some major new features.
If it wasn’t for them being so busy with that and the whole coronavirus mess, im sure it would have been added sooner. (providing someone requested it).

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T212 can’t be expected to look at share price movements and news to decide when to add a stock to the platform. Also people might decide to short it.


I agree with the comments above - I’ve even noticed T212 taking down their contact number so evidently their under resourcing stress from COVID-19.

I know it is a real shame it wasn’t added before as there were huge gains to be made.

it’s very frustrating, because I wanted to buy GNUS last week.

T212’s rapidly expanding during exceptional economic circumstances as well as releasing a boatload of features, so cut 'em some slack. If you really wanted in on GNUS last week, you’d have gone to a platform that offered it. Too easy to be Captain Hindsight about it all. As far as I can see, GNUS was added within a month of the first request, so not too shabby a turnaround.


The turnaround for it being added was pretty quick in my opinion, the T212 team prioritise stocks that are in high demand, a month ago it wasn’t in high demand it hadn’t even been requested yet.


In case this post catches the attention of some mod, there is still potential in riot stocks requested a couple days ago, and Vislink with I actually requested in a post a month ago.

I do understand and appreciate the work T212 team is doing. There’s always other opportunities out there @techpaper

Good stocks and opportunities will always come and go. The same goes for bad ones. Just because the FOMO is fulfiled doesnt mean that the team is not doing a good job. I think no one would post anything is they have requested a stock and its price would fall. It doesn’t hurt sometimes to be a bit grateful( and take in mind that when a stock is highly requested, they are trying their best to bring it live-Warner Music stock IPO being a good example this week)
Take care and good luck forward :hugs: :hugs:


It would be excellent if they can make a section in the app/website where you can submit tickers, see what other people have submitted, maybe +1 them to bump them up the list if everyone wants it so that we have some priority to when they get added.

Then maybe an alert system when one you have submitted or voted on gets added.

Would save the team a huge amount of time having to scrap the forums and remember to search the threads again to update once added.


Until then I made this link to see what are the most requested stocks. Maybe take a look?

Probably because it was a dead stock few weeks ago and nobody had asked for it before :wink: