Cancelled order.. sold yet never bought!


My order was cancelled (because of volatility leading to insufficient funds). OK no problem, we are probably a pretty irritating crowd for Trading212 today :slight_smile:

The issue is that though the order was cancelled… it was then sold! Though noble to try and protect my loss… there is no stop loss order applied intentionally (because I am expecting to lose this money). Reading Trading212s policy, they may intervene to protect clients, even if the client wishes to hold.

Around £20 less is returned. So this is the question…

If the order was cancelled… then how has it been sold to prevent the loss I was intending to make and hold throughout?

Glitch or by design? I am expecting the pressure on services to make the app do funny things today :slight_smile:

The same has happened to me, hope its getting fixed

@Cycomorg You have created two market orders aiming to buy shares of GME. Only one of them has been canceled at the market opening. The other order has been filled. Unfortunately, once a trading venue has confirmed a market order, we are not able to cancel it even if our system indicates that the account does not have sufficient funds to process it. The only action that the platform could perform at this point is to terminate the exposure to prevent you from a negative balance.

Thanks for the reply. I bought the second when the first was cancelled- and the funds were available.

Then the second is cancelled too. If the first were filled then I would not buy the second.

I assume both cancelled because at the time the price was fluctuating beyond my available balance.

Neither were executed so I was under the impression orders that have not been executed cannot also be sold.