Sell order Cancelled, then executed 12mins later?

Hi, I had a sell order cancelled due to insufficient funds, which is odd as I was selling half (ish) of my stock holding. It would only let me sell 60 shares rather than the 65 i wanted.

So I sold the 60 it would allow, then 12 minutes later it executed the order it had previously cancelled. Is it me or is it odd for 2 reasons.

  1. How can I have insufficient funds to sell?
  2. How can a cancelled order self action 12 mins. after it was cancelled

I have now lost all the stock due to a system error.


Thanks. J

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It’s happened to me too, I manually cancelled an order yesterday and it went through a minute later

@JFisher I don’t see any issues. You have a limit sell for 65 quantity which is canceled once you place a market sell for 65 quantity.
A minute later you place a 2nd market sell for 60 quantity & both get filled at 11:47:59.