Cancelled order was executed as a buy

I placed an order to buy TSLA shortly after the market opened. It sat in pending for approx 5-10 mins, saying’ Processing’. I decided to cancel but the button was disabled.

Fearing it had frozen I refreshed the browser and I was able to click the ‘x’ button. It said, ‘Cancelling’ (or similar wording).

Fearing the market was running away I placed a new order ~1 min later.

That also sat in pending alongside the order that was still cancelling, but both appeared to be frozen (I could click neither) so I again refreshed the browser.

On resumption I saw both orders were displaying ‘Processing’.

Eventually an order was fulfilled, followed approx 1min later by the other - one of them was supposed to be cancelled.

I would not have placed the new order if I knew the previous order would not cancel, but now I have two fulfilled orders at day highs.

I have been on to a Boris in Customer Support chat but he rudely and patronisingly cut me off before I had chance to finish my last message; hence my message here.

I could accept that an order cannot be cancelled once submitted, but if the button is not disabled, and allows me to submit, and tells me it is cancelling, then I have a reasonable expectation that it won’t buy, surely?

TBH, if the share goes above both prices I’m not worried (obvs!), nevertheless, at minimum, there is clearly a logic issue with the UI if the button allows me to click, and I’m led to believe the order is being cancelled.

It worries me to hear, that support cut you off without explanation.
Today had very small order hanging in status processing, could not cancel, wrote here in forum, did not got answer why its hsppening. But after some time, order went through.
So would like to hear whats happening here with this issue. Good that was micro order, else would be very worried.
Also hearing support reaction, leaves to think about and to hear both sides

Glad it eventually went through for you, Rolandas.

Still out of pocket here and no response. :frowning:

@David can you look at it? I saw you help a lot;)

Bump, please; this is somewhat time-sensitive. Thanks.

@MikeC I can see that we’re working to check your inquiry and you may expect an update as soon as we have more details.

As of your conversation with Borislav - from what I can see, he replied to your inquiries and then the chat was ended after a few minutes of inactivity on your end. This is standard practice to ensure that we can attend timely the rest of the incoming chats. Nonetheless, none of our intentions was to cut the discussion, so please excuse us if somehow you felt that way.

Still, if the matter still persists, you’re always welcome to reconnect and continue your conversation. :speech_balloon:

Thank you, @Tony.V - I await your update.

I’m not looking to get into a side-issue, but that’s not quite accurate; he tried to shutdown the conversation with a patronising, ‘We will consider your feedback,’ response. I was typing a reply, which he would’ve seen, when he closed chat completely.

The main issue is I own a (partial) share which I cancelled that is now tanking as I type.


Please, time is ticking and TSLA is over 5% down from yesterday’s close (as at pre-market 10:40am BST), which is already down on the day before; and I’m not confident it’s going to go up this afternoon.

Do you have enough data to investigate this, or should I hold this position?

Feel free to take it to PM. I’m a reasonable guy, I believe I’ve been reasonable; please advise as soon as possible.

I was told yesterday via Twitter I would receive an update on here by the end of day (yesterday). Still nothing.

I couldn’t take watching TSLA drop anymore (-11%) so caved-in and sold at a loss.

Sad to say this is now starting to leave a sour taste.


The order did execute immediately on the backend side, that’s also why you received the exact price at 14:35:02, even though you saw it fill a few minutes later.
There was a delay in updating the order in your account, which we’re still investigating as to why it happened. By what we have so far - it looks like a visual misinterpretation that caused this.

Thank you, @David; appreciated.

Unfortunately I cannot find a record that correlates to your stated time. The times reflected in my account history, are:

First order was:

  • Submitted: 14:30
  • Filled: 14:38

Second order:

  • Submitted: 14:34
  • Filled: 14:39

I note that there’s no record of a cancellation (which should have been for the first order).

And I appreciate you might be referring to something else.

If you’re saying I misinterpreted the notifications, I would contest that strongly.
If you’re saying the notifications weren’t firing correctly, causing misinterpretation, I could accept that; I personally believe there was a UI logic error/bug, but that’s for you guys to chase I guess.

Thank you for updating me, David. This has caused a modicum of anxiety which I feel could’ve been somewhat allayed with better communication. The cash-loss is arguably small, but could’ve been smaller had I known - or been advised - what to do sooner.

Any update on this yet?

@MikeC Sorry, I quoted a wrong execution time. I was referring to the same orders:

First order was:

  • Submitted: 14:30
  • Filled: 14:38

Second order:

  • Submitted: 14:34
  • Filled: 14:39

The visual misinterpretation that didn’t show them as filled is on our end. We’re working on resolving it asap.

Thanks @David.

Perchance, will I be set straight? I lost about £47 as a result of the kerfuffle.

Can I please get a response?

I note others have been ‘compensated’ within hours of system-related issues (Emergency help MCAFEE -25000 euro - ✅ Resolved - to name just one instance), yet I’ve had to push through treacle to get recognition of the problem over the course of weeks without even an apology (or thanks), let alone an offer to put me straight.

Lots of software houses grant bug bounties for stuff like this - I’m not asking for that; I just hope to be made straight and have the issue resolved before others potentially suffer greater losses.

Come on, guys; I know you’re busy but I’ve been patient and cordial.

@MikeC Corrected, apologies for the delay.

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Many thanks, @David :pray: