Order processing - possible delay in execution [Resolved✅]

Order execution currently could be delayed as our intermediary Interactive Brokers have detected an issue with processing on their side. They are working to have it resolved asap.

Further updates will also be listed here.

I have a limit order stuck on ‘processing’ that I no longer want as the opportunity has passed.

Please can someone cancel this before I end up with an unwanted position

It’s finally come up as Rejected. Took 15 mins but I’ll take that over the alernative

Seems to be long delays? Ive been waiting 10 mins pending an order, Or is it normal wait on high velocity, market opening and post-weekend on certain stocks?

Can’t place a sell limit order on Aston Martin. Are we having issues today?

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Feel let down by the long pending orders man.

This morning I’ve had repeated REJECTED market orders ???
Yet again 212 are having issues :roll_eyes:

Yeah, now AM is down… This doesn’t even surprise me anymore :upside_down_face:

Also, if someone from T212 can get back to me on my open ticket, would be amazing. Still trying to understand how their system auto sold my shares putting me in negative balance.

I have another one. I guess there are issues…again

@david all my market orders are Rejecting this morning???
Any know issues?

Same tried to sell but it says I have 0 shares on AML??

Nothing on IB but they take a bit to acknowledge and update if there was.

We’re currently investigating what’s causing this.

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Poss related


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Unable to place Market orders - it just states Pending, but thankfully was able to cancel it.

Wish I never rebalanced my pie this morning!

@David will my orders be executed when the issues are resolved?

Unlike previous times, none of my orders have executed, for market and limit orders. I doubt anyone would want to give a definitive answer since it’s the intermediary having issues

Sod’s law really, I’ve not rebalanced in a couple of months.

IB have confirmed that the issue has been resolved, we’re very sorry for the inconvenience.