Order not processing nor cancelling [In Review]

I tried cancelling a order days ago but it is still greyed out and says ‘cancelling’.

I tried changing a order today but it is still greyed out and says ‘processing’.

I can understand there might be a few reasons for short delays but why isn’t the order cancelling after days?

What stock is it you’re cancelling.

(I’m ready for it to be a penny stock…)

You will find that the order will update a few hours prior to the markets opening on Monday.

I have had the same thing when editing some of my buys on the weekend, I think it is due to the lag between the exchanges sending back an acknowledged request etc.

Nothing to worry about under normal conditions, otherwise it may just be due to no liquidity in the market - say on the AIM exchange.

Depends totally on what the stock is really.

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The stock was JD Sports Fashion. I bought it on 16th July and then I cancelled it straight away. Its been 10 days and it still says ‘cancelling’ and is greyed out.

Great! I cancelled the limit order 10 days ago and I received a notification from Trading 212 that I bought the stock today. Has this happened with someone else?

@Jehan96 Will check the case and get back to you briefly.