Cannot sell HSBC+server won't connect

Hello, in process of messing around with desktop app but having no luck+getting near end of trading day, so in interim, if anyone can help or ping this message to one of the T212 team (dunno how to do it), it’d be good.

So: can’t sell HSBC, message coming up “the maximum short amount is 0”- saw similar messages recently, but reply was “supposed to be fixed yesterday”/"try on desktop site "(am typing this on mobile).

Problem with my desktop site is it either can hardly make the connection with server or “progress” icon-the spinning circle-just keeps spinning when I want to change page (I’ve always had probs re t212 desktop eg when I have that and mobile app open same time, I usually get kicked back to the “insert password” page in both).

Even if desktop manifests, I’m going to be wary executing any actions on a system which appears, for me, to be insecure/have tenuous connection with server and I don’t want my “sell” command to become “stuck” with real-time price changing around it.
If the T212 team see this, could they advise when android issue be fixed (so I can sell via mob)+is there anyway they can resolve connection prob with my pc -which works great with every other app (may sound a bit odd, but saw conversations on this forum where clients’ desktop won’t connect to server, the T212 staff say “I’ll have a look” and a “resolved” tick appears to end convo). Any help, from any quarter, appreciated.

Would you mind confirming whether you are using the Android app? If that is the case, have you updated to the latest version, namely

Hello thanks for swiftly reply-Im a bit of a tech dullard: if you mean have I updated the T212 app via playstore, yes, I accept all updates (think the last 1 I accepted after prompt from your mobile site was a week or so ago?). If you’re talking about Android OS on my mobile, I didn’t know you could update (shy of rare occasions when your particular handset will let you update to next Android tier up). Anyhow, I managed to sell HSBC, was a bit willy-nilly, several dud attempts then went thru. I think the big prob now is 1 I have (+have always had) with desktop site (it is because of this I have steered clear of trying CFD, don’t want to attempt on titchy mob screen). My PC is fine with all other programs/apps but T212 never fully loads/is v slow/kicks me out v frequently/progress icon spins forever when I try to change page etc etc-any advice re: this? Thanks