I can’t change my account from CFD to invest

Hello, I want to change my account from cfd to invest. I can’t find any options in the app. I created another account and there I have this option available. I want to mention that on my main account I have deposited some money and maybe this is why I don’t have this option no longer available. I really need to change my account to invest.

@stefancapatina This is how it looks in the app. Are you having trouble finding it? You should be able to see this even if you’ve made a deposit.

I don’t have this option.

@stefancapatina Your account was created when Trading 212 Invest wasn’t available in Romania, that’s why you’re unable to switch.
New accounts go through different procedures in order to use Invest, that’s why you can use the 2nd one that you’ve made but not your initial one.

I want to contact someone from Trading 212 in order so solve this problem with my account. Maybe they are able to allow me to use Invest. How can I contact them?

Unfortunately, this problem can’t be resolved as it’s simply a matter of regulation. If you wish to use Invest, you’ll need to use your 2nd account.

Crappy policy! Now I need to pass again that procedure with ID verification and all that stuff. I want to talk directly to someone from Trading 212.

It’s not policy, but regulation. that term usually means its above T212’s head and is a matter regarding trading in the EU and Romania.

You can contact the team directly via the platform chat button, if it is out of hours your message will be sent as an email and you can begin an email correspondence.

However, It’s my opinion that you just go through with verifying your new account. the ID verification really takes very little time as I went through it myself and there were no complications.


Hi, I am in the UK currently using a cfd practice account and I am unable to change to invest, my account is no more than 2 months old. If I go through the ID verification for real money will the invest option become available to me? I think I also have the option of signing up for an invest account, in which case would the cfd option also be available?

I noticed that your account was created from a region different than the UK. That’s why currently you don’t see the Invest account option. :v:

As of your second question - during the setup of a real account, you’ll have to select the country of residence. Hence the Invest account option will be available. A client can opt a CFD account during sign up or on a later stage.

Thanks for the reply, will I be able to switch between the two account types freely?

Yeah, if you look at the top there is a picture of how to switch between accounts. You just tap on invest and it will take you to invest. You tap on CFD it will take you to CFD’s.