CBBT has been limited to selling shares only

The wind changed direction yesterday whilst I was walking and blew my hat off. Trading 212s fault.


None wants that sir…

Lets just wait for @David to tell us what are the criteria for stock to be listed. Some of the tickers we requested are both pse and in IB yet not added into the platform

That’s just a case they haven’t got round to it if it’s PSE and on IB. We have requests going back a year. It’s lucky dip what gets added.



Yeah I agree.

Just saying that people assume it is manipulation due to the terrble timing and the Twitterers saying such.

ABQQ was added a month ago. Now it’s been limited to sell only. It ticks all the required boxes i.e. PSE status. I just don’t understand what is going on at the moment with T212! https://community.trading212.com/t/stocks-etfs-requests-add-here/12413/1053?u=sal


Yeah we have had a case of

  • non PSE stocks added by mistake CBBT, ATVK, GAXY. (Nothing I can see about changing status as they never were PSE to begin with)

  • PSE stocks made close-only by mistake ABQQ

  • non PSE stocks which appear to have lost its status and haven’t been set to close-only CLIS


I can’t make sense of it, hopefully @David will update soon. (And respond to my PM, the silver leverage thread, and the Bloomberg thread of doom)



Thanks for confirmation on this, exactly what I wanted to hear. :ok_hand:

So why has Sgsi been restricted, they are pennystock exempt, so why have you restricted buying without any caution or reason

Based on the above post from @David (linked to) on the whole situation regarding Illiquid OTC Penny Stocks, I’m going to close this thread now. It explains the restrictions, and the why behind it! :+1:


Sorry just going to open this again, would still like to hear from @David specifically around the PSE status

Just bumping as it would be nice to hear the explanation why non PSE stocks were added. I assume the real reason is by mistake.

And why the excuse was that they lost their PSE status as the reason for the close-only on the instruments.

It feels to me that this is being scooped under the rug by saying the real reason having to be close-only to is to protect T212 / IB from the exchanges getting annoyed at manipulation.

Would like to see @David come back into this thread.

Were GAXY and co ever PSE to start with?

When I look on IB database it lists non PSE but no mention of what can be traded.


@Dao — do you have any idea at what point would buying be allowed , IF reinstated?

@eject just thought I’d mention that Dao is just a customer like you.

As far as that comment goes, our (my) current understanding is that these penny stocks did not lose their status. They never had PSE status to begin with.

We need to wait until T212 staff come back with an explanation.

Screenshot 2021-02-23 at 10.28.35


Something tells me we won’t have a reply…


@David Anything new sir?

Waiting patiently…

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