Cdf buy and sell together

Can i buy and sell cfd at the same time aslong as i don’t close the profitted one till after 10 minutes and wait for the loss one to become a profit?

Do you mean a short & a long (buy and sell) position at the same time in the same instrument ?

Is so, yes you can do that. (If not please clarify)

You don’t have to keep every position open for 10 minutes.

Feel free to expand if you want to discuss further.

Yes that is what i mean. I just wanted to know if i could do that due to strict rules for CFD trading.

This is policy on scalping:

Most of my activity is on CFD, I have positions open for weeks, and positions open for a few minutes.

If you hedge as you describe it’s fairly likely that at least 1 of the positions will be open for more than 5 minutes.