CFD Apple\ Tesla trading suspended

Sorry if I’ve missed something, I did do a quick search.

Any reason why CFD Apple\ Tesla is trading suspended ?

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I think they are trying to protect profits. They are letting you close your positions but not undertake new ones unfortunately - protecting their capital Im guessing.

thanks for posting i didn’t know.

@George @David are you aware of the timeframe so we can purchase either?

Also Netflix appears closed, new PM price not reflecting with O symbol visible.

Let me guess: market open in US?

yea thats what’s strange, all 3 are open/tradeable in pre-market with prices changing within Level 2.

first time i experienced this, have you?

correction netflix isn’t moving haha

Lot of shares are also traded in Germany with a different ticker symbol. US pre-market opens later today. CFD provider is Canadian company I believe. So just wait until North-America wakes up.

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when does netflix wake? i’ve not noticed this before

I was able to open a position on Tesla, I was going to open one on Apple but I was waiting for a entry point. When I came back to it, I saw trading was suspended

Netflix is tradeable overhere. Apparently there are no trades yet, so it looks to be frozen.

Always expect suspending trading with stock splits or reverse splits. There are a lot of systems in the world who need to replicate the changes.

It’s not normal though. I can buy CFDs in Salesforce Visa etc. and other big USA tickers. Why exactly Tesla and Apple?

But yes it probably has something to do with the split. Everything was a bit glitchy with the charts recently.

Apparently pre market is open now. From 4am New York time.

I was able to open a position this morning just after 9 am UK time

I opened positions in Apple one hour ago, it was suspended later.

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Apple is running again now.

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@chantal apologies, netflix is moving on Level 2, but still appearing as closed with T212/No price movement.

@pipo i assumed chantal meant there was a reason why NFLX was opening later

We made some technical adjustments regarding the splits of Apple & Tesla CFDs - that’s the reason of the suspension. Everything should be fine now.

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Whats happening with Netflix? it also says temp suspended

It’s due to the low liquidity & insignificant trading volume - it’s a pre-market session.

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Think I had something similar here… never did get to the bottom of it