QAN Trading with this instrument is temporarily suspended


Some help or info to why I can’t close my position on QAN?

I can’t see any reason why I shouldn’t be able to.

@David is it possible to have an icon or some information when this is happening, rather than finding out when going to trade?

Currently we have “market open” and “market closed”. Could it be possible to have “Market Open (TS)” where TS is for trading suspended.

Just some information would be nice… even a red, amber or green dot would be nice just to indicate something.

Thank you

sometimes markets close for brief periods of time, if happened quick you wouldn’t have time to let people know. I think the “trading suspended” message is possibly the best option to give and resort back to here to ask, why?

I don’t believe this is the reason as I tried several times.

I believe it’s more of a technical issue, loss of connectivity, degraded services or resources.

I’ve posted here and so far, no one has come back to me. I’m now in loss position.

@bizie Hi :wave:

Our CFDs automatically get suspended if there are no new quotes after 5 minutes. The moment a new quote comes in, the stock will become tradeable.

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We learn something new everyday here with this kind of stuff. Thank you

When you say quotes, what do you mean?

Can you explain this?

Yes, if there are no new quotes (trades being placed) then the instrument will automatically get closed until new quotes are added and then it will resume

When you say quotes? What do you mean?

If by quotes you mean buy\sell orders, the price increased, and I then tried to sell, the price decreases and I tried to sell, and it decreased again. All of this happened within 5 minutes.

With regards to trading212, displaying a notification of the trading status. The system already has the functionality of this to extent.

If conditions equals true, then do something.

If no quotes within xyz time range, then disable trading.

This could be, if no quotes within xyz time range, then disable trading and set “market open” to “Market Open - (TS)”.

As for latency testing, a basic ping test would determine this, and I’m only using ping test, to get the idea across, and depending on the results Red, Amber or Green could be displayed as a notification next to “Market Open” but maybe trading212 wouldn’t want customers seeing this as this should be fixed behind the scenes to ensure this doesn’t happen (some kind of failover procedure to another server\network or what ever the case maybe).

Just my 2 pence :blush:

But when referring to quotes what exactly are you referring to? A trading platform should allow you to trade???


This denotes the prevailing buy and sell prices for a particular financial instrument. Quotes are displayed as: sell price – buy price. For example, if 125.7 – 125.9 is the quote: 125.7 is the sell price and 125.9 is the buy price.


Thank you Vedran,

So with the buy\sell changing. This would mean quotes were being offered?

@David When you have moment could you look into this