CFD Demo vs Live - Execution

I am sure this may have been asked before, but I was unable to locate it.

My question is. Are the Demo and Live accounts set up in the same way in terms of execution and other key things?

For example. If I placed a trade on the demo account and live account at the same time, would they both be executed at the same time? Would the trade act the same in both accounts?

Reason I ask is long time ago I got burnt by IG playing around in their SB demo account, trading on pre market news (I was a young whippersnapper) I was making a killing thinking I was Jordan Belfort haha.

But when I went to open a live account, the reverse happened. It was because their execution on their live accounts was totally different to their demo accounts. Demo accounts 99.9% got filled at the time of market open, whereas live account didn’t.

Now I know this was a stupid way of trading and I am almost 40. But I wanted to be sure if I was to open the live CFD account it would act exactly the same as the demo.

Hey, @mrpbennett :wave: it’s been a while since we’ve seen you around.

Demo accounts are designed to give you the most realistic experience possible. So yes, they replicate real accounts accurately.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

That it has…Thanks for confirmation

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