Execution speed and spread with a real account

Hello to all,

I have been using the demo trading account212 for a couple of days now and I am enjoying it quite well.

Since I haven’t had a chance to open a real account yet I wanted to ask you a couple of questions.

Are there any differences in spreads between the demo platform and the ones opened with real money? The demo platform does not alter these values, right? I am referring to both the CFD platform and the investing platform.

Is the demo mode execution speed the same as I would have with a real account (one or two seconds on average)? Will my orders have some kind of delay?

Sorry for what are silly questions, but I want to make sure that I can replicate my day trading strategy. I would not want to have the nasty surprise of discovering inflated spreads and execution speeds greater than a couple of seconds.

Thank you

No it is the same speed and prices but remember in the practice the market stays open when the real market/s are closed, so buying and selling is best when they are open.

Thank you very much for the confirmation.

As far as simulated trading is concerned, I seem to have read a notification within the platform about this particular function. I imagine that the only market that remains open 24/24, 7/7 is the crypto market.

Keep in mind that orders (buy or sell) are not guaranteed to be filled in real-world choppy markets, and execution times may be different (although I think timing in demo accounts are pretty reflective of real world - except when things go awry).

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execution speed sucks big time for pie orders, but is fine for orders made otherwise (subject to liquidity of the stock you’re trading)

@H2T2 @MikeC The problem you are talking about mainly arises in the case of market orders, right? If I only use limit orders and stop orders is this problem still valid the same amount?

Anyway in the demo platform I have noticed that when the market is particularly traded it takes a bit longer to enter the orders. In addition it is a problem that all brokers have and not only Trading212. Also my broker at the moment sometimes has these problems.

I just have one more question. Although there is no guarantee of execution the probability that my order will be executed late is very low, especially if the market at that time is not overloaded?

Which problem (I wrote of two: order-filling and execution speed)?

Sorry I was talking about order-filling there.

If there’s a buyer/seller for your order, it will fill… if.

Most of the time there is, but then you might have to wait until your price is reached.