CFD Position Wrongly Closed

Hi, I seem to have had a position incorrectly closed based on a trailing stop. I’ve included some screenshots to explain what I mean.

The trailing stop was set to 10.393 yet it executed at 9.746. From the chart at 13:38 the price is as per the execution price. However why did this happen if the stop is set to 10.393 and the buy price is no where near this? Chart is displaying buy price.

@Martin I saw you replied to a similar thread and wonder if you could clarify this for me please? Thanks

Probably the spread. This can be huge. To see it right click on the chart > choose chart settings > select buy price and sell price at the bottom.

You will now see something like:

That’s what I thought but at the time my position was closed the highs for this minute were nowhere near the 10.393 stop that I’d set

Buy price chart high 9.780
Sell price chart high 9.724

@David @George can you advise please?

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@hubble2bubble Everything looks fine, those are the mechanics of a trailing stop. If you wanted a price that’s set in stone, you should’ve used a regular SL/TP. Trailing stops can move depending on the market price.