Stop loss triggered way above actual market price

I had a stop loss on a short on GME (GameStop) today, to kick in if the price got to $390. To my surprise it triggered at $421, even though according to Trading 212s price chart and others that I have checked, it never reached that price. This resulted in a nasty loss and inability to open any more shorts (they suspended that for GME at that time).

This seems like a glitch to me. Has anyone had any similar issues? Is anyone from Trading 212 able to help?


Stop loss might have triggered by the BID/ASK price (+ Leverage) => Real live data that you trade on. The charts do not show these OHCL prices.

Also if Leverage was involved please note this can be dynamic not fixed so again hard to find out. You should look at the trade information to try to find out more.

Apparently it spiked over $421 at 17:05

Thank you for your replies.

The highest price it went to today according to Bloomberg (as of time of writing) was $380.

Also, from the chart that I can see for GME for that time period on Trading 212 there were no large spikes:

For the price to have gone to that level to trigger the stop loss at that price, the market would have had to have gone from $320 as it was at the time, to $420, and back to $320 within the space of less than a second.

I’ve had the same issue too

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In the “Settings”, tick “Buy Chart”




Should that spike of happened? Why is it only visible/happened/showing in CFD

It’s the spread difference that’s caused it in CFD as it can widen hugely

Good question @David @Rumen ?

It’s the spread difference folks. Jumped $80 wide yesterday from a steady $1-2.40 spread when market turned the other direction. I had a small short position opened and scrubbed me of a profit

I understand their needs to be a spread difference but it seems like it’s possible for Trading 212 to simply widen the spread difference for a split second (as happened) and liquidate all the traders with stop losses activated. Then, after a split second, reduce the spread difference back. That can’t be right. In any case, definitely won’t be using stop losses again.


So there was a spike, was it a true spike or a charting error? maybe @David can clarify.

I don’t think the issue is the stop loss, or anything you’ve done.

That spread is ridiculously absurd.

I remember a issue was raised with spreads previously.

It’s unfair to just accept this is just because of the spread.

The user who was raising the issue, has now been suspended.

…and maybe have a look here “the maximum remaining quantity for long positions with this instrument is 0”

Hate to be that person but there’s always these sorts of risks you need to take into consideration when dealing with overly hyped stocks

is this on CFD app ?

Yeah happened on the CFD app

Same thing happens to me too, i feel bamboozled. if i lose i lose thas on me but when you hit the stop loss without price reaching there it is total bs