CFD practice logged-out [9] times in 36hrs

(Shouldn’t we have an issues/bugs forum for these kind of posts?)

As title, really: 3 times yesterday; twice this morning.

Just happened again :frowning:

Are you trying to use it on your phone and laptop at the same time? Or maybe two different laptops? It doesn’t like that. Annoying I know. I think they’re working on it.

I think something has changed recently and the sessions became timed.

No, just desktop. Should’ve said, sorry.

Just happened again!

Just happened to me right now actually. Hmm…

Just out of interest I’m on invest on my practice and that has been fine so obviously the fault must lie with the CFD part, hope this helps.

… and again! Bad today

… and again! Is this connected to yesterday’s DDOS attack?