CFD trading hours question

When I look at the trading hours for US30 in CFD account, it shows this:

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What are the two lighter areas?

It goes light blue like that at the times the market is closed on the current day.

The trading hours window is a bit of mess in general. I think there is a minimum spacing between the times which leads to them being in the wrong position (not to scale) leading to the line indicating the current time not covering the correct trading segment. And some of the times are just wrong.

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I know the market is closed. But why first 15 minutes and then after 30 minutes trading another hour. Just curious about the reason behind it.

@chantal The bars show that there’s a 15-minute break between 21:15 <-> 21:30, then business as usual for 30 minutes, after which there’s a 1-hour break 22:00 <-> 23:00.

@David do you know why there is a 15 min break? Those are the first 15 mins of the after market right?

@chantal I’m not really sure why. CME does the halt but I can’t tell you why they do it, probably maintenance? :

Look at the E-mini Dow ($5) trading hours on GLOBEX.

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I have an additional question. Why is it that some stocks start trading at 10:00 until 2:00.

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And others are only tradable during opening hours of the market. Fro example VTIQ had same hours as TSLA, but now with NKLA it limited:
Schermafbeelding 2020-06-04 om 14.00.22

Noticed the same with for example FCEL, while AAPL has same trading hours as TSLA.

I am puzzled!

I think I read somewhere here that after hours trading is available on stocks with enough volume. So basically the big boys. Then again VTIQ wasn’t really a big boy either but that was open after hours. Maybe there was enough volume to have it opened.

It depends if the stock has stable enough feed to allow extended hours trading. As soon as we ensure such for NKLA - we will enable it there as well. :v:

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@PeterA any chance we could get a list of the current after hours US stocks available? I’d like to create a watchlist.

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