Change Booking Cost Of Stock (After Purchase)

Hi All,

Is it possible to change the buy book cost of a existing stock in your account?

I want to do this as I want to transfer a sell a stock from another vendor which is in a non ISA stock account into my T212 stock.

Is this possible or something T212 team can do on request?

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Unfortunately the answer to both questions is no as I’ve asked before.

In the interests of good customer service however, the answer should be yes to being allowed to do it yourself! I have to use an Excel spread sheet because the information about average prices on most of my T212 holdings are complete garbage.

Why do you say they are garbage, i thought they were accurate?

Any examples?

I’m meaning my average prices, not current prices.

Is this for stocks you have brought in, or stocks you buy from T212 and when you buy more stocks in T212 these avgs are now not correct?

If the latter then do you have a example?

It is not the latter. Point is I was supporting what I thought you were asking for which is that T212 should allow users to edit their stock averages. I don’t think examples are necessary for the request to be understood.

Does T212 have a feature request option to ask for this?

Suggestions are always welcome in the Feature suggestions & ideas category. We’re actively monitoring all the feedback we receive and share updates.