Choosing the mode of withdrawal

I currently have the option to deposit funds into my trading account through a credit card or through a bank transfer. For me, using a credit card seems to be the better option since the funds will be available on T212 much faster than if I do a bank transfer, and maybe it’s also a bit safer.

However, as soon as I deposit even 1€ with my credit card, this will be the only available mode of withdrawal should I want to withdraw some of my money. The problem is that I don’t spend a lot on my credit card, so having a large balance on my card would be impractical, and my bank charges 20€ for transferring a positive balance from my credit card to my bank account. Your 5€ fee for withdrawals via bank transfer seems more reasonable in comparison.

Therefore it would be nice if I could opt to receive my money directly onto my bank account even if I have used a credit card to deposit funds in the past.

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We’re flexible - be sure to reach us via our in-app chat. We will evaluate all options and offer a solution, if possible.

On a side note - we no longer have 5€ bank withdrawal fee.


Did this change recently? The fee was present a few days ago…


Definitely, the fee was there as recently as 10 days ago.

@tiberiu89 Yes, we removed it last week.


That’s awesome! I hope you will be able to maintain it that way!!


If I make a bank transfer to fund the account, in case I have already used a credit card and Google pay, how is the withdrawal method chosen? (latest method used?)

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The FAQ say the following:

  • If you have used a credit/debit card to fund your account, we will refund money to your card. If you have used more than one credit/debit card, we will automatically select one of them to refund your money.

Note: If you have used various payment options to fund your account, we will refund money to your credit/debit card.

I had asked their chat about this at some point and they confirmed that, if you have ever used a credit card to fund your account, this will be your only available mode of withdrawal.

But as @Tony.V said above, maybe there is some leeway if you contact them directly.