Choosing the mode of withdrawal

I currently have the option to deposit funds into my trading account through a credit card or through a bank transfer. For me, using a credit card seems to be the better option since the funds will be available on T212 much faster than if I do a bank transfer, and maybe it’s also a bit safer.

However, as soon as I deposit even 1€ with my credit card, this will be the only available mode of withdrawal should I want to withdraw some of my money. The problem is that I don’t spend a lot on my credit card, so having a large balance on my card would be impractical, and my bank charges 20€ for transferring a positive balance from my credit card to my bank account. Your 5€ fee for withdrawals via bank transfer seems more reasonable in comparison.

Therefore it would be nice if I could opt to receive my money directly onto my bank account even if I have used a credit card to deposit funds in the past.


We’re flexible - be sure to reach us via our in-app chat. We will evaluate all options and offer a solution, if possible.

On a side note - we no longer have 5€ bank withdrawal fee.


Did this change recently? The fee was present a few days ago…


Definitely, the fee was there as recently as 10 days ago.

@tiberiu89 Yes, we removed it last week.


That’s awesome! I hope you will be able to maintain it that way!!


If I make a bank transfer to fund the account, in case I have already used a credit card and Google pay, how is the withdrawal method chosen? (latest method used?)

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The FAQ say the following:

  • If you have used a credit/debit card to fund your account, we will refund money to your card. If you have used more than one credit/debit card, we will automatically select one of them to refund your money.

Note: If you have used various payment options to fund your account, we will refund money to your credit/debit card.

I had asked their chat about this at some point and they confirmed that, if you have ever used a credit card to fund your account, this will be your only available mode of withdrawal.

But as @Tony.V said above, maybe there is some leeway if you contact them directly.


Hello! I have deposited few times from a same bank account but via “iDEAL” and I cannot see anything in my “Saved payment method” .
Is it also possible to withdraw via “iDEAL” (as I used for my deposits)?
If no , how should I proceed if I want to withdraw ?

@hami Sure thing - you’ll see iDeal upon withdrawal. Just keep in mind that it will be available only when your current location is in the Netherlands.


@Tony.V I made a withdrawal request today, but I didn’t see any option! Request was created and it is pending without asking anything. As you mentioned I expected to see iDeal as I am in the Netherlands. I only used iDeal for my deposits.
Do you know what’s supposed to happen now ?!

Yes, the withdrawal will be issued in your iDeal account.

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@Tony.V You were right! I received the money in my bank account I used via iDeal.
Something else to discuss ,I heard it is better to split up the money across multiple brokers to be safer and my main concern is withdrawal (especially after Brexit!). But generally specking, with Trading212 is there any long strict procedures or verification while withdrawing higher amount lets say 50,000 euros.
Shall I expect to withdraw such kind of amounts within 3 days a well?

Not at all. Regardless of the sum, the withdrawals are as smooth as possible. :money_with_wings:


Hi Toni. I have the same problem as the opening poster above. I joined trading 212 in May and wasn’t aware (my fault!) that if depositing on my credit card I wouldn’t be able to withdraw an alternative method. I deposited on my credit card as it was quick and straightforward while I was testing trading 212 out.

A few weeks ago I decided that I really like Trading 212 and want to make a go of it in the long-term. So I created a paypal account specifically to withdraw half my gains from trading 212 each week. I’m very much a newbie so I’m only withdrawing £50 a week - but it pays my petrol! However, my withdrawals are all going on to my credit card which I don’t use so often, and it’s no use to my being in credit on it. I don’t want to pay a transfer fee with the bank.

Is there any way that you could arrange for my withdraws to go to my PayPal account. I’ve tried to email the verification email address but the customer service there hasn’t been so helpful.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I really like trading 212 and want to continue having a good experience. But if I can’t transfer to my paypal I’ll probably end up using a different platform.


@M7lbt90 I checked your inquiry, and we cannot fulfil your request, I’m afraid.

Replacing one PayPal account with another (correct me if I missed something here) is a limitation applied on PayPal side, and we cannot bypass it.

I can see that there is a deposit made via the account above, thus the reason why it cannot be replaced with a different one. PayPal is having such “1 PayPal account per trading account” rule (I guess that its part of the AML procedures), and there isn’t a way for us to make any adjustments.

Nonetheless, feel free to reply back to the ticket, and our team will provide further details.

On a side note - I’d suggest also deleting the screenshot above, since its containing your email.

Thanks Tony. I’ve emailed the verification address again. I’m disappointed that there is no work around ie PayPal. I’ve asked if my withdrawals can go to a current account instead. As the opening post from Chanou expressed, when i first started depositing with a credit card was the easiest way. I didn’t realise that this would be a problem. And now the money is impractical on my credit card.

Can you change the withdrawal to iDeal even when you started with a debit card? My main method is iDeal now and i have used it already many times to fund my account.