Client Numbers Update on Homepage and Affiliates

Dear teammembers of Trading212,

I was wondering if it’s possible to update the number of clients-, the amount in client assets- and the executed daily orders more frequently on the homepage of the Trading212 website. These (older) numbers stated there must be clearly underrepresenting the amount of clients currently, which potentially may also be used to convince people to open an account at Trading212 instead of for example DEGIRO. “Bigger is better and more reliable” in that sense. I really like the services and the platform that Trading212 offers compared to other discount brokers in The Netherlands, and in this way I think there is still some room to grow the client base and reputation of the platform (almost for free)!

Besides that, I was also wondering if Trading212 is currently working on some kind of affiliate program for Trading212 Invest specifically (for content creators). In The Netherlands, a lot of content creators push DEGIRO currently onto their followers because the affiliate commissions are much higher compared to the free share promotion that Trading212 currently runs. This therefore incentivises these influencers / affiliate marketeers / content creators to not promote the best platform available currently to their follower base (in my view Trading212 Invest). Looking objectively at the matter, Trading212 Invest is just cheaper (and subjectively as I already said I think they’re also better), which is therefore sad to see that a lot of people are still opening brokerage accounts at other brokers.

Looking forward to your reply!

Kind regards,

P.s.: I saw on your twitter account that account openings are not possible in Belgium (tweet of august 6th, 2021), is there any update on this? Is this already possible? Would love to know!


Hi @Nick,

About the first part - sure, it’s something we’ve been working on.

We have both: an Affiliate programme (with the industry’s leading commission structure for CFD accounts) and Invest partners programme where the reward structure can be flexible based on the produced content.

So anyone interested is welcome to apply to any of those, and our team will reach out.

We still don’t have an update about the onboarding start in Belgium.

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Hi Tony,

Thank you for your quick reply!

First of all, nice that you guys were already working on the homepage. Would be great to see and track the growth of Trading212!

I wasn’t aware of the Invest partners programme for Trading212 Invest, thank you for the clarification! I saw that you made the last comment on the discussion that the programme is paused and there is no update since. It is up again? I applied through the Google form!

Thanks again and keep up the great work!

Kind regards,

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Thanks, Nick - good catch. I have updated the original thread too. :rocket: