Glitch made £7700?

Hi guys. This afternoon at at NYSE market open trading 212 kept crashing as I was trying to sell some shares. It ended up selling the same shares 3 times, resulting in an unexpected positive balance of £7700.
I thought this would quickly correct itself but it didn’t and after I ended up using that free cash to buy more shares.
What will happen? How will trading 212 take action? Thanks


@Pnelson Could you DM me your account’s email address, please?

Would prefer not to share that publicly as scared account will get stolen as you imagine…

@Pnelson I sent you a personal message/conversation :slight_smile:

Sorry. New to the group. Where do I read it?


The same glitch happened with me but I lost money instead. I sold 2200 shares of hexo as soon as the market opened today and suddenly a huge portion of my funds disappeared. After looking into this I have found that instead of selling 2200 shares it sold 3300 and then re bought 2200 for no odd reason at a lower price by itself. Stating that this position was bought on my behlf to protect my account from a negative balance.
That is what my history tells me but in reality a huge portion of my funds just disappeared nor do I have any open positions.

Same happened to me but on 9th of June. All my positions were closed and I lost £2800. They also took all the funds from the account but refunded the positive balance. They have never refunded me the balance for the closed positions. And I checked, there was no spike on that day on any of the shares I was holding. I’ve reported it to FCA and doing more research on other Authorities I can report it to.

Those funds will now be removed from your account for the fault that gained them. You’ll now lose the positions opened with new funds and id imagine your account will look a touch smaller than it was at the time of writing this

This is exactly what has happened. And they don’t reply to my emails at all.
I think this platform is a scam and as its a lot of money I’m not going to let it just go. They are making money robbing people.

It’s definitely not a scam. Why don’t you pm the staff here to help you out?

@David @George @Team212

Hello! I will PM you with additional details regarding the matter.

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Bank error in your favour, collect £7,700

Hang on! I must report this error!

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@Pnelson deserves at least £100 for such boundless honesty :joy:

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