TradingView or Chartmill?

If I’m going to pay, which of the two would you suggest?

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TradingView has way more features.


I would go with Tradingview hands down! You can get a 30 day free trial and at the end of the trial if you like it you get up to 60% off for a year’s subscription. If you are interested I can give you my referral link and if you do decide to go ahead and subscribe then we’ll both get $40👍🏾

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My verdict:

TradingView has better charts, Finviz has a better screener.

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TradingView because:

  • active development team
  • active community that share ideas and information
  • powerful screener
  • stable website and stable apps
  • can be greatly enhanced via Pine Script

Free Version of TradingView is great but they only allow you to have maximum of three indicators at a time. Also, the main problem is that there is too much advertisements. Every time you change the ticker symbol, they will show advertisement.
I just found and tried

I have not tried it intensively but it seems that the charting is better than Free Version of TradingView in term of Technical Charting.
Does anyone know a better trading chart than Free Version of Trading View and/or Preferably if they could also show the price action in less than 1 minute. TIA is using TradingView.

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Stay away from , their data on assets can be very inaccurate for certain regions and they take absolutely no responsibility for it. Rather subscribe to Tradingviews Pro plan, its $15 well spent, especially if you a portfolio size where the annual cost would be covered by your annual returns. Avoid services where the developers are not actively always improving, Tradingview is a very strong community and the platform keeps getting better

Thanks for the info. But as I mention previously, I do not intend to pay for charting tool. Let alone it is $15 a month. $15 is enough to pay my mobile phone bill.

The price on T212 is also inaccurate if you compare it with the live price from T212 as the T212 do not pull the price directly form the exchange anyway.

$15 might be worthy if you are trafing a few hundred thousands dollars a day and you are using the platforms/brokers which pull the price directly from the exchange.

Hey Adindas, Are you actively trading or investing ?
If investing then Tradingview free plan will serve you well. Great charting plus a stock screener and financial information of companies

I am doing both. Investing and Trading.
IMHO people are using Tradingview for charting tool mainly. For Stock Screener Free Version of “finfiz” is much better.

For financial information of the companies there are few outthere available for free and are better than Tradingview. For example. Marketbeat, Marketwatch, Tipsrank, etc