Confused by ID and Proof of Address checks

I am trying to become your user and failing horribly.
My checks keep failing.

  1. I am not a UK citizen but I live and work in UK, have UK residence permit with indefinite leave to remain. To the best of my knowledge this is a perfectly acceptable ID document. Yet it keeps failing. Why?

  2. My Proof of Address keeps failing as well — I tried uploading PDF for my broadband bill. It failed. I uploaded PDF for my energy bill. It failed as well.

What’s wrong?

my mom is in a similar situation, resident but not citizen and her account was verified extremely quickly. your online bank statement pdf will work for address and a drivers license/provisional license should work for ID. double check your region is correctly set to UK as well.

there is a list of documents they accept per country and if you submit something not on the list, no matter how valid, it’s likely going to fail.

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The list of documents for proof of address says that it should be utility bill which is pretty much exactly what I provided.

And resident permit is in the list of accepted Id documents.

So I am not sure what the problem is — I am uploading exactly what I am being asked.

perhaps the format? PDFs are preferred, but I know some utility bills only come on paper so you maybe having issues between sending them a photo/scanned copy of the document?

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I uploaded PDFs so that shouldn’t be a problem

@Leito I can see that you have already provided us with a valid ID document. Now all that is left to activate your account is for us to receive a valid Proof of Address.

As you can see in the email sent to you earlier there are specific requirements set by the regulator and this is the reason why we could not proceed with the documents that we already have.

Your options are to either send us the Broadband bill in its official PDF format, or to send us another document from the following:

  • Bank statement

  • Credit Card statement

  • Council Tax bill

  • Tax letter/bill

  • Governmentally issued Address certificate

  • Utility bill (gas, electricity, water or other)

  • Landline phone bill

  • TV bill

  • UK Drivers Licence

Thank you for your reply.

Michael, I am happy to upload broadband bill but can you please clarify what is wrong with my energy bill that i uploaded? I only got general email saying that it doesn’t work, but i couldn’t quite understand why.

Try uploading a downloaded PDF not a scanned document.

@Leito You have a DM :slight_smile:


Hey Michael i have the same issue. I have already however supplied you with a picture of my passport and driving license. Today i tried to withdraw from my ISA just to see if it is all operating correctly then i was prompted to contact 212. I contacted via chat and they said proof of address needs to be provided. I did state that i had already provided all this info when setting up my account. Bit concerning as its very easy to put money in but difficult to withdraw. Can either yourself or @Tony.V help out here. If documents are required again i will be more than happy to send to you guys. Thanks

if you made your account a while ago you would need to verify once more as there were terms updates that affected everybody’s accounts and everyone needed to re-verify. but once you do this time, then that should be the last time.

Oh ok cool thanks Dao

Do you know how long it take to verify?

not sure right now, I know if it was done at the time or before the account waitlist then less than a week, sometimes the next day. currently the ID verification seems to be in a backlog alongside the account registration so it may take a bit longer.

filing a support ticket may be the fastest way to see what the process timeline is at.

Thanks its good you informed me about this as i opened my account many moons ago. Even then it was very thorough as you required to provide everything.

Should be sorted now. That 212 chat team is genuinely so helpful.

Still says action required but all I’d has been verified now. Hopefully that message goes away soon.

@Tabbyh7 Greetings. I’ve personally reviewed your question and I can confirm that your account is now all set. Feel free to message me personally in case you need any further assistance. :email:


Excellent and prompt help from you guys really appreciate it honestly.