Proof of Address in Spain

Hello there.

I recently got asked to prove my address using a utility bill and uploaded the only one I have (phone company), as I live in a rented flat in Spain and we usually don’t get the bills – the landlord does.

This proof of address got ejected so I uploaded a copy of a rent payment to my landlord, and I’m scared that it will be rejected as well and my account blocked.

How can we proceed? Thank you in advance.


You should try with a bank statement. Download a pdf of it from your bank where your address is stated and send it to T212.

The problem is that unfortunately my bank (BBVA) doesn’t show my address in my bank statements.

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Mmmmh really weird from your bank. Wait to see if the phone bill is working, otherwise try to contact the customer service and see what other options you can have.

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Thanks Francesco :slight_smile:

@wdavis You can try getting a bank account certificate (this link might be helpful) - I believe that your address should be present there. :v:

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Thank you @Tony.V but this is becoming a bit of a nightmare. I don’t know how many bank certificates I’ve generated so far, but none of them display my address. They only display my name, my Tax ID and my IBAN, but none of them show my address.

I also wonder my the phone bill was rejected. It’s from Pepephone and it clearly stated my name, address and tax ID.

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Many institutions dont accept mobile bill as proof of address. It has to be landline or internet bill…

I am in rent also, but I have the TV/Internet package on my name. That is accepted.

It’s mobile phone + home internet :thinking:

Well today they offer 4g home internet package, which doesnt require land line nor does it require physical address for operation. Address can be merely location where bill arrives…

But probably @Tony.V can tell more why the bill was rejected…

Well, I’m not sure if it’s a coincidence or if someone from the Trading212 team was reading this but my proof of address was just accepted! Thanks a lot, team :slight_smile:

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It could easy be that Tony flagged your situation with the specific department and they looked at it :wink:

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If that’s the case, thanks @Tony.V!



Hello @Tony.V, i’m really struggling for months to get my proof of address approuved. My tax statement from my band been refused, my empadronamiento had been refused, my bank statement had been refused…i’l really lost right now. Especially as my landlord has the electricity/gas/bills on her name.
Hope you can help. Thx

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@Vincent1976 All sorted out - your account is now verified. :ok_hand:

Thank ymu so much @Tony.V !

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Hi I’m hoping you can assist me,I’mfrom Barbados. I have been trying for days to get my proof of address verified as well, so far i have uploaded my driver license which has ny full address, a home internet TV and landline utility bill even a bank statement alllll with my home address and they keep being rejected as not having my address. Ive gone so far as emailing everything as attachments too. I know we have a different way of listing our address here but i mean, come on its the same address on all my documents. And i cant even view or eddit my original aplication to see if maybe it’s my fault or what and I’m not getting any timely responses from the emails i have been sending. I was super excited when I found you guys because its really hard for Barbadian investors to get into the international markets but now i can’t even get anyone on your phone number. Please can anyone help me?

Hey there @First_Time_Investor

I’ll send you a DM so we can have the matter resolved. :ok_hand:

Hi Tony i’m in a similar situation that i don’t get utility bills because the house that i live is not in my name, i’ve been trying since day 09 of this month still no success, i was told to email id@trading212 and since day 18 no responce… I sent a bank statement but is not pdf, they only have the option to send to my email, sms or print it. Can you please help ?