Why Passport on validation?

Hello, i registered an account more than 2 days ago, and wanted to start with real money. I deposited 100 Euros and sent my ID card for validation… After waiting almost 48 hours i received a response that i have to send my passport… Well can i ask why? I don’t have a passport so i can’t use this website? Also this way i have my 100 euros blocked for around a week for that? Anyone else had to send their international passport? Can i have an explanation or at least another way to have my account verified?


Me, my brother, my girlfriend we all had to provide passport details. I think that’s standard here

I think each country has its own requirements. I only had to provide my residency-ID and my bank statement confirming my proof of residency.

I had a ditzy moment when validating and didnt know what to scan for the 2nd pic using my passport. so I submitted my provisional drivers license instead

Same photo twice would be enough, at least in my case

apparently there is another page that’s blank you submit to pair with the photo page :stuck_out_tongue: but both sides of a drivers license is typically enough in the UK if you don’t have a passport.

A friend of mine registered 10 days ago (we are in same country) and only sent front/rear of ID card and account balance as a proof of his address. Got validated in 4 hours… I can send anything you need but i still don’t have a passport because it takes almost 2 months to get one here in Italy.

Thanks for the replies tho.

@Federico The passport is not mandatory. Rather out team suggested it as an alternative.

Keep in mind that the ID document and the proof of address document must differ, i.e. we cannot verify an account if an ID card was provided for both - ID and PоA.

If you do not have a passport (to serve as proof of address), the account can be verified with one of these documents:

  • A utility bill (gas, water, electricity);
  • A broadband Internet bill;
  • A tax bill;
  • A bank statement;
  • A residence certificate (up to 1 year old).

The document should not be older than 3 months. Online issued documents can be accepted in PDF format. :file_cabinet: Just send it over to id@trading212.com

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OK thanks, will fix this as soon as possible then! @Tony.V can i send one of those even if the website ask me the Passport?

@Federico Yes, just send them over to id@trading212.com. :v:

@Tony.V I’m having the same problem with my Greek ID being rejected. I also don’t have a passport; my previous one has expired and I haven’t traveled internationally for more than 6 years. With current COVID19 restrictions, as you can understand, issuing a new passport is an unnecessary and inefficient process. Can I re-send my documents to id@trading212.com as Federico did?

@Lina From what I can see the issue with your document is not the type of it, but the quality of the photo. The Greek ID card is a perfectly acceptable document as long as all information on it is clear and visible.

I will send you a personal message to instruct you on how to proceed.

Thank you for your reply @Michael.P. I’ve uploaded my ID photos via the website and took a selfie via phone. For some reason, I couldn’t get the app to take clear pictures of my ID. I hope the JPGs I’ve uploaded now are clearer.

@Tony.V This information might need distributing to your customer support teams.

Recently, both my passport and driving license expired and I was required to re-validate my account. I did not want to renew my passport due to the £80 cost of doing so and also because I don’t plan on travelling anywhere anytime soon due to the current situation.

At the time (and perhaps still), the UK government were not issuing driving license renewals, except online where a passport is required to do so.

I was told by your customer support that you could only accept a Driving License or Passport. When I queried that, it was again confirmed to be the case by your team. Even after making the point that not everyone either drives or travels abroad – and to exclude these people from verifying their accounts was discrimination.

And so I had no other choice but to spend £80 on a passport renewal that I did not want.

I had to provide driver’s licence, passport, and I had to sign a form I forget the name of. My father and brother both got activated quickly with just a single ID.

Not sure why my signup was so hindered in comparison.

@James According to the information you have provided upon opening your account (in terms of nationality) the information that was given to you is absolutely correct. The International Passport and the Drivers License are the only Photo ID documents we are allowed to accept from your country.

@phixion In your case the required documents were only one ID document + a correctly filled out declaration, which was provided to you along with an explanation why it needs to be sent. Although I can see that you have provided us with two IDs, I am unable to locate any information or request where you were asked to send both.

I just want to also point out that the account verification process has many variable factors and they determine what documents will be requested. The only way you can guarantee that this process is fast and effective is by strictly following the instructions that you are given along the way.

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@Michael.P When I signed up, I included my Driver’s Licence as ID and a selfie.

I then waited a few days, logged in to the app and it was again asking me for ID, so I sent in my Passport.

As it was taking so long, I sent in an email and was sent a PEP declaration to fill out.

This differs to the experience of my father and brother and I’m not sure why. They didn’t need to fill out a PEP declaration and were almost instantly verified.

Not that I mind, it’s done and I can finally trade on Trading212. I just don’t understand why my verification seemed so difficult in comparison to theirs.

@Michael.P So my point stands, British citizens that do not drive or travel abroad cannot hold a verified account. Is this T212 policy or regulatory requirement? If it’s the former, I’d advise the T212 legal team to be careful because it sounds a lot like discrimination

I think it is a regulatory thing as a quick check shows Interactive Brokers have similar requirements for european users.

See link below:

I’m outside Europe and I don’t have a passport. Does it mean I can’t trade with your app?