Consuming t212 data by 3rd party app

I know t212 client platform is builded using React with communication types based on http requests and websockets.

I had one idea to build my own application where I want to see my investments in a nice format for me (not only as transactions in an Excel file) as charts (to be more specific, a dashboard).

Because some endpoints can be accessed via browser without authentication request (I don’t think there is a issue escaped by t212 dev teams, probably data is free to be consumed by another clients) I’m wonder if is legit to create a login page outside the t212 official platform and I call then the required endpoints to get all my data on another frontend client.

Can this be allowed by t212 or I’l risky to be banned on my account?

I’m not sure I can get data for another application than browser, because inside the api can be setted that data to be consumed only for t212 frontend domains.


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MoneyHub looks like it used to scrape data but no longer seems to work(for me anyway). Have you thought about using the export trade history function? Only thing I would note is I suspect it’s not good enough for corporate actions…

thx for reply. Because I have 3 platforms where I invest, my idea was to get all in one dashboard without manual interaction and without saving any data there (in my app). Using exported csv from t212, I need to reimport it each time when I want fresh data in my charts (and save the transactions in my database)

There’s a thread on here somewhere about automatically loading in the contract notes to google sheets. A similar macro from gmail could update your app daily?

Edit: T212 Contract Note Email Importer


I would hazard it risky to do. you are ultimately trying to build a system that plugs into various services and brings that data into your own, which has implications regarding access rights. Also, you risk the scenario that your connection is faulty/flawed/insecure and thus all loss of access to your account will be outside of the scope of liability for T212, including most cases of hacked accounts and monetary damage resulting from your app.

It’s not a real concern for you alone, but the instant you think of sharing that with others or even making a commercial product (just in theory, mind you) out of it, you will possibly face legal issues or the access blocked leaving the app dead in the water.

if you keep your app to data that is transmitted to your terminal/computer and not try to access their servers, then you could possibly take the data feed without issue so long as you restrict it to while you are logged in and that you log in properly from each platforms login page. it would be for display and recording purposes only mind you, because I don’t think sending commands to the platforms servers from your app would be permitted.


Understood :face_with_thermometer:

I tought that can be in t212 interest, being used in another platforms (in personal scope or commercial as integration and probably gaining new accounts), but how time there is not an official rest api, I need to build my dashboard using excel imports based on periods (1 year range). (I had not enough time to check Dougal solution until now)

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Could we have an answer on this? Is t212 planning to build an API? @B.E @Bogi.H @Tony.V @David

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We have evaluated such a proposal already. Will let you know as soon as we have an update.


Thank you for the answer that’s great news!

Hello, can you already confirm whether it will be free for everyone or only part of a paid tier?
Thank you!