Giving password for Portfolio tracker

Unfortunately the portfolio tracking on trading212 isn’t very good so I’m forced to use an external portfolio tracker. Some of these ask for my trading 212 username and password, like delta portfolio tracker. I didn’t want to provide those as that would give them access to my account. Other brokers have tokens and other ways of giving access through services like yodlee. Is there any way to do this with trading 212 or would my only option be to give my logins or just not use the service? It would also be appreciated if anyone share what they use to automatically track their portfolio

Yeh giving direct passwords for T212 is very risky and should never really be done (speaking as a software engineer). Worse case scenario, your pass can get stolen from the third party (even unintentionally) then anyone could potentially steal your funds. Anyway, I digress… the important bit: T212 have released an API but they’re not active in talking to businesses about using it (I’ve tried). So whilst it solves this password sharing problem, businesses cant integrate with it for their trackers / tools. Its functionally there but from a legal standpoint, T212 expressly forbids it at the moment. I say this as someone whos made an app ( which focuses more on the dividends, but we’re a bit limited to just csv exports at the moment because of this. Hopefully T212 will be open to letting businesses use it soon.

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