Portfolio Management Website Recommendation

Hello anyone,

Does any of you know a good website that offers free portfolio management features? I was using Sharesight which I found to be fantastic. It tracks all your portfolio performances breaking the return down by capital gain, dividend gain and currency gain. It is very useful to understand how each stock is performing in your portfolio and against the market. The only problem is that the free version has many limitation and it is not suitable for my needs.

So I was wondering whether any of you knows a similar website that offer this service without charging a fee.

Thank you.


Have you tried Simplywall.st ?

Simplywall.st offers a free trial but also limits its functions once that is up. Not sure what the cost is.

I’m in a free trial with Stockopedia currently but that also converts into an annual subscription once up. So far I like it though and would consider the subscription. Not sure how it compares to its competitors. It certainly seems to have more stocks than Simplywall.st and I personally prefer the interface and features.

Having looked at the prices of each, simplywall.st is much, much cheaper, but Stockopedia does seem more comprehensive.

Morningstar is the best there is

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Is Morningstar free?

Honest question - not from the point of view of wanting to sell you something via FinKi or FinKi API … What features do you need in a portfolio management system? I’ve worked with PMSs for decades but fir the average retail client (no offence intended) your requirements are pretty minor (again, no offence).

You need dividend income… either projected or actual (but that starts to stray into cash flow forecasting!) , you need tax calls tailored to your own circumstances (tricky, but doable to some level), maybe an FX extraction for P&L for ‘attribution’ ( I love that word it sounds so smart!!!). What else after that? Risk scores, sectors, weighting’s within sectors, links to annual reports, upcoming ‘events’ … hit me… what else?

There is a free version and premium.
I use the free.
All the info is there.

I recently discovered Portfolio Performance. An open source tool to calculate the overall performance of an investment portfolio - across all accounts - using True-Time Weighted Return or Internal Rate of Return.

It gives me a good sense of control, and I am not dependent on any website being up or down.

All of the above for me, outstanding factors being the ability to make tax accounting simpler. Until 212 develop the Dividend Tax Vouchers, etc.

Above all I need something that saves me time. If I have a tool that I just pump in a ticker, a unit amount, a date and a price when I trade and it does the rest, I’d rather that than have to actively manage a spreadsheet and spend time on it if it has faulty formulae or a link to Google Finance plays up.

It’s convenience of being able to look at all those details with minimal legwork. A family and a job don’t afford me much time, so I need to spend what free time I get efficiently when I have it.

Maybe it’s worth me considering building. Feels like a chunky project to do well. I could hack it together pretty quick. But to make it ‘good’… not sure I’ve got the time. I’ll play with it. If it’s ‘date’ ‘qty’ ‘cost’ ‘ISIN’ (something like that) then I’d simply store in a database and running Finki dividend data over it … as one example. Hmmm.

Shame fellow Edinburgh lad @HolfolioBen has gone and distracted himself with a full time Fintech startup job otherwise his Holfolio project probably would have morphed into what you were looking for.

Damn the real world. :wink:


Thank you people for all your answers.

At the moment I have tried Morningstar, Simply Walls St, Yahoo Finance, Sharesight and of course I always use my own spreadsheet to cross-check the correctness of any transaction calculation made by Trading 212.

However, I have found that the people behind Sharesight did really an amazing job. It has been by far the best tool I have used to manage my portfolio so far. In case anyone, someone would like to test it then I share here my own referral link: https://portfolio.sharesight.com/refer/DYX91

@Finki are you thinking to build up something similar? It could be great :smile:

Is Sharesight free to use?

“Yes”. But no, you can only have 10 holdings in free account, doubt anyones serious has portfolio of 10 holdings, even starter which is 15$ month has 20 holdings.

Realistically you need to pay 24$… To steep imho…

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I’m serious and my portfolio is 9 holdings. :man_shrugging:

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I would say anyone isn’t serious if they have over 20 holdings :joy:

Out of 20 you might have 5 excellent once in life time businesses like Apple, Amazon etc that will survive till the end of time and always go up. Why not put your most of your money with them instead.

You could also go the route of picking 10 ETFs to try and cover all angles for a lower risk, lower reward strategy.

I used to have more than 20 but you can’t realistically keep track of what’s happening to each business if you start going nuts have 40 or 50. It’s fine if you want to play the :crossed_fingers: these will be fine in 5-20yrs, I’ll only peak at them once a year.

5-20 seems ideal imo.

I have exposure to over 5k shares. In my 5 ETFs :joy::joy::joy:


@Phildawson, if you invest in strong established companies and you are investing long-term you do not need to be re-assessing your portfolio very often so you can actually have a larger number of investments. I think that making tweaks once every 4-6 months should be fine.

Also, now that we have pies and Auto-Invest, the whole situation has changed.
For example, you can easily create a dividend pie with 50 of the main dividend stocks from several ETFs, in which case you do not really need to monitor that pie. I intend to create a dividend pie with European and USA stocks and pretty much not look at it (maybe once a year if I want to tweak things).

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I doubt when you have few 100k invested, you want to have it in 5 companies, if one goes bust or serious issue , le boing. You risk losing 1/5 of your net worth…

If you dont have time to micro manage porfolio consisting of 30+ companies, well you can have ETF porfolio, folks /statistics claim it beats stock picking anyway :wink:

All I’m saying there’s little advantage to me in picking 30 some excellent some average, rather than focusing on a third of that picking the best of the best, the ones that are rock solid and could take the hit even if the planet turned into a World War Z zombie fest.

I don’t want to call on buffet but having what 80% of the billions portfolio in just Apple, BAC, Coca-Cola, WFC and American Express.

There’s of course no right way, each to their own, well the right way is where you make the most money in the end, but you’ll never know if what you did was the perfect way.

Anyway if you have £100k+ you can afford a “Expert” $31 a month. :sweat_smile:

The advantage is sleep well at night. Also saying 30 average? Is there only 5 companies in world which are excellent? I would say there are hundreds of companies that beat market YoY…

I dare someone to invest all their life savings into FAANG style companies. If they are the best I guess everyone should put all the money into and ride into future as rich people…