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Gravity based storage, so you what use excess energy to lift a weight, and then drop the weight when you need the energy back?

Exactly,when say windmill power could be generated but isn’t due to lack of demand it would be used to lift the weights or charges batteries for lifting weights.
It’s the same thing proposed for green hydrogen ect.
As I don’t think there can ever be a one answer solves all in this situation I tend to invest in multiple options when it comes to energy storage.

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Excellent - you have me interested in ‘crowdfunding’ again - I’ve submitted interest to buy.

I’ve also discovered that PACKd were profitable this past year, and are expanding into the US and Canada, so things are not as dreary as I thought with my crowdfund investments.

Freetrades 7th fundraising round? Surely the founders will have no equity left :joy:

dilute investors and increase number of shares. Simple.

Surely they’re profitable by now with their paywall?

Not a fan of freetrade due to charges for access to AIM ect.
Handy if you just want to put money into dividend kings though and it’s what I used when I was comparing growth to dividends.
Growth on 212 won.
I tend to steer clear of any money app on Crowdcube I like sustainable energy storage and tech.
Just keep an eye out for the good stuff that’s all.

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Has anyone ever been successful trading in the CubeX secondary listings?

I’ve been doing a lot of research on this Gravitricity and wish I had found out about it sooner. I would quite like to invest and have submitted interest.

What I might also do is contact CrowdCube to help them engage with companies more to take part in the secondary listings. I’ve previously discovered companies have to also ‘opt in’ first to allow investors to take part in a secondary market.

Can keep people updated on the response if there’s interest.

I’ve never used the the secondary market on Crowdcube so can’t help there sorry.
But I imagine Gravtricity will be raising again at some point I’ll post on here next time I get some news about it.

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Here to me is an example of a bad crowdfund and poor due diligence.

The company is not raising a lot compared to others, and I like their stuff BUT they had a crowdfund for 180k back in 2019.

As a potential investor because I do like the kits, I would like to see their projections from 2019 vs actual to assess how on the money their future projections may be.

I could do this myself and I will, BUT that’s not the point. We need a complete picture of their past performance to assess the future.

Which is your largest holdings in crowdcube:

These are mine:

Mine will be Monzo, 250 shares

Wish I’d have invested in what3words when I had the chance,such a simple idea but so effective.


Also I’d like some view on this news.
I’ve invested in Orbital Marine Technology on Crowdcube and love the concept infact I think they will be more productive than wind once dialled in properly.

Now I view this as technip moving in a new direction at a rock bottom share price.
Sue you guys have any more info on them?

Changed my mind on advice this is now a go for me.

Has anyone on here claimed EIS relief, any ideas how long it takes?

I sent some more forms away to HMRC to adjust my tax code. That was like 3 months ago now, not sure what’s happening.