Crowdcube invest

Is anyone an investor on Crowdcube ??? Have you seen what’s just landed :face_with_hand_over_mouth::tired_face::rocket: can someone tell me how this will fail

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more robots to take over the world and kill jobs lol unless your the repair man of course

Love crowdcube, have a video to post soon on my YouTube channel about it. But yeah there are some investments on there you should stay clear of on there haha

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Haha I’ve just got onto it now so I’ve not had the chance for my Crowdcube investments to fail! But some of them on there seem like could return some good gains! & what’s your YouTube channel will subscribe, I started a insta and gna do a YouTube soon @mediciieraassets

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I know, as long as I’m invested they can take jobs… :grimacing::joy:

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Really interested to see what the long term win/fail ration works out to be for crowdfunded investing.

Hrmmm :thinking:

Stocks you can just sell if they seem to be tanking, I wonder what options are available for crowdfunded investments, are you just stuck with it?

Most of them on Crowdcube you will be sometimes they say there plan is to go public on exchanges, but most of the time your stuck with the investment. There is websites like seedrs I think that has secondary market

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I stay clear of clothing retail food etc as it’s really hit and miss. There are some good ones tho! Smart cricket seems like an alrigjt little play and there plan is so launch on LSE so could be some good gains! Also Mass Financial and Coconut

Cavan Hagan Investing, in my profile :slight_smile:

Fairly 50/50, but that’s overall and there’s a lot of poor businesses since they let basically anyone crowdfund as seen above. There’s all the exits below:
You can also hear about how it works on my channel, it’s my first video, about the platforms I use to invest. Should be timestamps to skip to it