Crypto currency plans

Sorry for spam, but this one made me chuckle :joy:


Coinbase now offering some free Amp tokens for a couple mins of your time.

Any others offering free coin variations?

Seems totally stupid to me - really how many are there out there?!?!?


Giving away tokens is a common practice. Either for learning about their project or by promoting (retweet, join telegram group etc as the criteria) sometimes a free Airdrop but limited so it creates FOMO.

Same goes with non-fungible tokens where first X to scan the QR wins the asset.

Thousands of tokens out there 10k+ all trying to be noticed. 98% are useless.

Thanks for the heads up. Done, and converted

I just read an article on Taproot, the Bitcoin “upgrade”. What do you make of it?

Well it’s a massive change making smart contracts possible. The implementation of Schnorr signatures has been wanted for ages.

To the average holder the upgrade won’t change much initially.

It’s a case we had BTC then ETH then third gens like ADA DOT etc. We now have a case of upgrading the first two gens to attempt to raise the level of what’s possible. Not quite adding glitter to a turd. I think ETH V2 has potential but might be too late.

Don’t forget Algorand :wink: Personally, when comparing ALGO vs ADA I don’t see any competition at all. I’m calling it now, with the founders and creators of ALGO being in bed with the chief of the SEC (who is also knowledgable and interested in crypto) I can see massive gains incoming for early investors.

What’s your commission on Algo if/when it :rocket:

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I wish! I feel it’s best placed from a regulatory point of view to achieve growth over it’s competitors. This is demonstrably the case as well with it being used for country-wide healthcare payments in Bermuda, or with legislation passing in the Marshall Islands declaring it’s Algorand powered digital currency. The proof of concept stage has well passed, and they’re now proving their infrastructure can be used in state-backed social and economic initiatives such as the healthcare and currency examples. I can’t see any reason why they would stop growing. x10 its current price is well within the realms of possibility and the market cap would still be relatively small.

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I’ve just gone all in now mate, so you better be right

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Haha this literally can’t go tits up. I promise… :grin:


Not sure if we are still waiting for pain, but we sure are chopping nowhere for weeks. I think crypto :rocket: landed on :new_moon: to refuel, only problem we don’t know if next destination is Mars or back she goes to Mother :earth_africa: .

It still needs to find a real niche where it is accepted as one of the main payment options.

Dougal, my friend, it have already found one. The cyberattacks’ ransoms. :slight_smile: