Crypto currency plans

Ha, thanks mate. I’ll take a look.

They’re still giving them away free at airports, saved myself a cool £4.30 :sunglasses:

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Official crypto investments by the US politicians (senators/representatives) and their close relatives have the following cryptos and crypto Trusts:


I wonder what friends of Gary are hodling

??? Who is Gary?

It could be interesting to see in what Joe and Donald invested. And even Boris. :smiley:

Gary Gensler of the SEC!!

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Have I mentioned Algorand enough times on this sub for it to be annoying yet?

It had a cracking wed/thurs. I’ve never put any of my own money into crypto since I just can’t get my head around it. I thought the Coinbase tutorials would have taught me something but it all seems to be concepts with no explanation of how they translate to the real world.

Half of my free Coinbase earnings are in ALGO, the other half gets converted into DOT. Thanks to those in this thread for the inspiration!

In fairness, blockchain and crypto are very complex topics even for techy people to understand. It took me a long time to understand why a technical service like the Ethereum Blockchain requires a weird digital currency called Ether to fuel the technology that people can also buy and sell and trade.

From a financial perspective I’m certainly not an expert on crypto, but if you have any questions regarding the technology I would be happy to answer them. Again, I’m not a technical expert either but I did have some experience and exposure to coding and using blockchain in previous jobs.

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I’ll not waste your time with that but if there’s some basic reading you could suggest I’d be grateful!


First chapter or so of this is a great intro


I learned via a baptism of fire and trawling through academic papers, youtube videos, and Reddit!

Another user here shared this channel with me and I found this guy to be quite impartial and informed.


Cryptos and religion (for some people, religion is important, including in investing). For example, in Islamic Finance.

Major outage in Solana blockchain:

The network underpinning one of this year’s fastest-rising cryptocurrencies has been restarted after having problems validating transactions, according to a Twitter account run by the Solana project.

The issue stemmed from “resource exhaustion” in the network that caused denial of service, one tweet from the Solana Status account said Tuesday. Third parties that validate transactions on the blockchain elected to coordinate a restart of the network, the developer team said later in a statement.

Solana’s validator community successfully restarted the network, according to a Twitter post Wednesday. Solana’s status page showed a “major outage” of more than 17 hours for Tuesday, and another major outage of nine minutes for Wednesday, though it was indicating “All Systems Operational” as of about 7:15 a.m. in London.

“It has some interesting technical features, but realistically Solana hasn’t yet been fully tested in a live setting,” said Strah Savic, head of data and analytics at FRNT Financial. “What we are likely seeing is the experimental nature of blockchain tech playing out.”


If you like Chiliz, then you can now collect some for free on Coinbase.


I haven’t looked into this at all but is this the same way you can “buy” crypto on Revolut? Where you don’t actually own the crypto?