Crypto currency plans

I’ve heard about the end of crypto almost every week since I started investing in crypto a few years back. The technology, use cases, and adoption are growing. I’ve absolutely no problem if crypto is not an investment for some people, I can understand why people don’t want to get into it. But web3.0 is coming whether we like it or not, so I want to profit from it!


That’s blockchain the underlying technology, not the hundreds of crypto currencies. Crypto variations have a long way to go to be considered an actual store of value.


The thing is there’s no such thing as decentralisation, it’s a myth, someone is always in control.


@Dougal1984 I’m completely against the store of value concept of crypto. Also blockchain and crypto are heavily coupled, I don’t think you can clearly separate the two.

@Gfclappah From an investment point of view, I am also against decentralisation!

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Docusign have. There is no cash value to their iteration of blockchain. It’s more used as a digital ledger to verify authorisation records.

I’m not saying it’s not possible, I moreso mean you can’t say there are advancements in blockchain but not in crypto. The two are so intertwined that advancements in either will advance the other, often by default.

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Btw I just googled Docusign and their blockchain efforts. One of the top results was from 2020 when the CEO said it was too expensive to be viable. Is there any recent news you have?

It does read they have abandoned blockchain though due to inefficiency costs so :man_shrugging:

If only there was some kind of token which could be used to secure the network and help cover the running costs :wink:

Just teasing - tokenless blockchains are real and do have utility. Though I do appreciate token driven blockchains as they allow for extra security, increased decentralisation and democratisation of data. Which these days, with all our devices generating data, is hugely important to me.

I just can’t see any possible future world where things like deeds, concert tickets, and documents showing ownership etc. aren’t stored as NFTs. The improvements to society are too great for it not to happen. However blockchains are expensive to run and the bill needs to be paid for somebody. Let the people pay for it using a token I say. Either directly with the crypto itself, or with traditional currencies using a fiat-crypto bridge like the Amp project is creating.

Just curious how much El Salvador has lost in the last weeks with their gambling Bitcoin thingy.

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They keep buying, 2 days ago they bought 410 bitcoin. Probably in profit with those now.

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Would it have killed them to buy 10.69 more just for the meme.


SEC is closing in…

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission is scrutinizing cryptocurrency firms Celsius Network, Voyager Digital Ltd. and Gemini Trust Co. as part of a broad inquiry into companies that pay interest on virtual token deposits

Coinbase was stopped by the SEC, even before they started offering a yield-paying crypto product:

The SEC last year sent Coinbase Global Inc. a letter warning the company would be sued if it moved forward with a lending product, and the company later tabled its plans.

Source: Crypto Lending Firms Celsius Network, Gemini Face SEC Scrutiny

BlockFi Faces SEC Scrutiny Over High-Yield Crypto Accounts

And what happened to the potential Central Bank currencies killer, Facebook’s Libra/Diem? :wink:

The controversial cryptocurrency project that Mark Zuckerberg once defended in front of Congress is unraveling after regulatory pressure.

The Diem Association, a cryptocurrency initiative once known as Libra backed by Meta Platforms Inc., is weighing a sale of its assets as a way to return capital to its investor members, according to people familiar with the matter. Diem is in discussions with investment bankers about how best to sell its intellectual property and find a new home for the engineers who developed the technology, cashing out whatever value remains in its once-ambitious Diem coin venture.

Source: Mark Zuckerberg’s Stablecoin Ambitions Unravel With Diem Sale Talks

Diem is sold now. Silvergate Capital - a US Bank bought the assets for about 200m

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Jasmy learn and earn on Coinbase.

Edit: also-

I make that $26 in freebies this year sofar.


Really like ALGRO and I’ve been holding for a few years now but not massive amounts.
I think we might start seeing the day when the meme coin dies out and stuff that’s actually useful starts to meet its potential :+1:.

I agree with you. The valuable and useful technologies and tokens will stick around and change technology as we know it. 2021 was a massive year for web 3.0 and 2022 is off to a strong start.

More freebies:

EDIT - found the T&C - " * This incentive is currently only available to U.S. citizens and residents who are at least 18 years old."

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I just noticed there is a new crypto quiz on CoinBase Earn also. Answers are:


It is on ‘Render’, a decentralised GPU outsourcing tool where you can provide your GPU resources for rendering visual data. Seems like a decentralised version of a tool like AWS to me.


Coinbase earn has a new crypto quiz for GAL. Answers are:

  1. The Community
  2. Buying and selling NFTs
  3. Staking