Custom price alerts

I am aware that there are tabs that show the best and worst performers, but by the time something enters this view, it is usually too late to buy or sell.

It would be essential to be able to set customisable price alerts or a customisable view, for example to identify stocks that are rising very fast (e.g. +20% in an hour or +5% in 15 minutes, depending on the user’s needs).

In this way, stocks of interest can be identified immediately, without having to find them in the tab of the best stocks that have already risen by 600%.

It’s very frustrating to be always “late” because there is no proper and versatile price alert mechanism.

PS. I am not referring to price alerts that can be set for a specific title, but to a way of finding out as soon as possible what is going up (or down, depending on your specific needs) very quickly. Also a custom view would work…

look at stock screeners. Also look for screeners that will show companies that gap up or gap down

Thank you, I am using the mobile app, where can I find the stock screeners?

Are they the “tabs” with the best/worst performing stocks that I mentioned above or something completely different?

T212 doesn’t have a stock screener. I haven’t found one that I like many of the free ones are too limited. I am currently writing my own custom script to use as a stock screener in another platform that offers a configurable/programmable screener to their clients. There are several free or paid screeners around so I would suggest googling “best stock screeners” or maybe someone here has some suggestions.

Like you say, one issue is that you can have missed the opportunity by the time you see something.

Thanks for the advice, I will surely look for a stock screener but it would be very useful to be able to create custom and generic price alerts or even a dedicated view based on criteria such as “rise of +20% in <1 hour” in the mobile / web app.

robinhood has them. and I’ve already suggested them to trading212. Stock Screeners