Your change of address system is not good enough

Paging @David and @Tony.V for info.

Just tried to change my address following a house move yesterday.

I tried Monzo first, login, little pencil icon, fingerprint verification done.

NatWest login, chat to the rep, type new address, done.

Revolut login, pencil icon, fingerprint verification, done.

HMRC login, edit details, fingerprint verification , done.

NS&I login, edit details, type new address, phone verification, done.

Now Trading 212.

Login, go through 2FA, navigate to personal details no pencil to change, speak to rep, receive a list of 6 ridiculous things that no other financial institution (including the big boss) needed. Have the most frustrating 30 minute chat with two reps that refused to help.

Outcome: Failure to get address changed Waiting up to a month with my account registered to the wrong address for a statement to come through.

Think by-chance you’ve got this system wrong Trading 212, with everyone’s interpretation being so different to yours?


I get your point here, and such a feature is already in development. Right now, our team is manually handling such requests because we need to verify all of the newly provided details along with the POA. But you’re completely right that it should be more intuitive & seamless to manage.

ETA of the update: 10 July.


Will this include things such as change of email address too?

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Yep, but that will come on a later stage - somewhere around October.


Cheers Tony. I’ll just wait for that, appreciate the response. :+1:

If your rep had just said what you said rather then what they did it would have saved 30 mins of head banging frustration during an already stressful week.