Data Extractions


The T212 extractions to CSV are limited to 12 Months and I would like to propose that the extractions span over all timeline if needed.

If not possible for any reason, please make sure that the extraction headers on the CSV file are always the same regardless on the extraction dates window. Currently a CSV extraction from transactions on 2019 is different from one in 2021. If some column data was not available in 2019, make it Empty but please maintain the same structure.

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Agree or if it was easy enough to set it to be each calendar year that would work for me.

100% on this.

Similarly if we could have a PDF export option as well, with a custom start/end date with opening/closing position and transactions that would nail requirements for some investor perks Iā€™m missing out on for positions I moved over to 212. Save the need to time and raise help requests with 212, so helps both customer/supplier :upside_down_face:

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