Delay in executing buy or sell orders

There have been delays in executing but it sell orders with value dropping astronomically.

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Yes that true…There is a Delay in executing the Limit order and market orders as well.And also when we place sell limit order and make a change its taking more time to update and in that time frame we can not do anything with that order.

Do you guys know how any commission free broker make money? I mean there no thing called “free lunch”.
So commission free brokers sells their order queue to the customers which are mostly hedge funds, so when you sent a buy order for 1.20, the data is transferred to the customer and they have enough time to buy it for 1.20 and then sell it to to you for 1.30 and then they pay the market maker. Because T212 is not a broker but a broker of the broker (IB) or market maker.

I hope I have explained the cause of delayed execution of orders by my limited knowledge and understanding.

I don’t mind it as long as I am getting commission free trading and enjoying so many great features without paying a penny. And they have to make money somehow in order to function otherwise there are other brokers which charge you for your orders… your choice :wink:

T212 do not do this practice of selling order flow. You are right, it is a common practice in the US. But T212 have said before on this forum this is not one of their revenue sources.