Demo to Live Account Integration Question

Hi all I have been silently demo trading but now I have set up a live account and I see when I log in that all of my templates and watchlists have not been brought over from the demo account (I am using the same login credentials for both accounts).

PLEASE tell me there is a way to import this data and if there is could you please direct me how or point me to an article that explains? I’ve tried the search function here but cannot find that this question has been answered before.


the demo account does not disappear when your live account is made. as it remains a separate account you will have to set-up your templates and lists from scratch.

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Oh dear.

Well, I suppose I could just analyse and find the setups using my demo and then switch over for execution, not ideal but it is what it is.

Thanks for answering

just move them slowly over time and it wont seem such a hassle. a few months from now when everything is copied over and you wont even remember having any issues xD

Good idea, I could do a bit on the weekends until it’s done. Since you’re here, you wouldn’t happen to know of a way to put a legend/key on the charts so that at a glance you can know which indicator is which?

So for one template I might have 3 or 4 SMAs/EMAs on, I use diff colours of course but it doesn’t help unless you can see it without having to go to ‘manage indicators’ all the time to refresh ones memory.

unfortunately not. I don’t tend to use the additional features such as markers, indicators et cetera.

the basic graph set to candle or heishin with a moving average or RSI tends to be enough for my needs.