Transfering money to Trading212 for the first time

Hi everybody,

I am new to trading212 (t212) and I wanted to transfer some money to my t212 account for the first time (from my debit account, Austrian bank). This is exactly what I did last monday 11th January 2021.
Until now my money has not arrived. I already contacted my bank and they guaranteed me that the money left my banking account on monday, 11th January 2021.
Then I wrote an email to t212 to ask when I could expect that the money will arrive at my account.
I did get a quick response that my request will be forwarded. however, I still did not receive my money. A 2nd email has also been left unanswered.

How long does it generally take until the money arrives at the t212 account?
Any answer is much appreciated.

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Took > 3days
Also it was very expensive
Hope trading212 finds a free way to deposit for non UK customers, since credit card deposits are not free anymore
I am holding all my deposits until trading212 has implemented a free alternative for European customers

Hope your issue gets solved, peace

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Without knowing what currency/type of transfer you have used it is hard to give any estimates.

However, SEPA EUR usually same day or next day.
USD swift same day or next days(sometimes 2-5 days)

Obviously card deposits instant.

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Where and you based? I’m non UK and bank transfers to my T212 account are free.

Also is there any timelines on when auto invest can come out of available balance?

Hi, thanks for your answer.
It was SEPA EUR.

SEPA EUR is free for me and 3 days.

Lucky you if bank transfers are free. My bank rips me off on currency exchange and on they the actual transfer :frowning:

It depends on country, by EU law SEPA cross border(country) transfer cannot be more expensive then domestic transfer in local currency.

So for instance in Croatia local transfer is around 0.25e, so now SEPA is same price. Which is great because not so long ago it was 5-6e.

That’s what I figured, that it is standard across all countries in the EU. Although what country charges for domestic transfers?!

Well I have not checked, but if I have to guess. eastern block countries.

Croatia charges for sure.

I would guess Hungary/Romania/Bulgaria, maybe Czehia/Slovakia/Slovenia/Poland…

But I don’t complain, few years ago, cross border transfer cost fortune.

Those bastards.

I assumed domestic transfers were free everywhere!

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Well Banks can’t make money in Western Europe, so they bleed the Central/South Eastern part.