Deposit funds from Sweden

My uncles lives in Sweden has recently opened an account and transfer money from Swedish Bank Account to Trading 212 Barclays Bank Account using the Reference Code. This was on Monday and Bank has deducted the money but Trading 212 still not showing the funds…

Please help.

Official statement:

Personal experience, SEPA transfer usually is displayed in same day, if done in earlier part ie before Noon.

SWIFT was usually same day, on some occasions next day, on very rare occasion 2-5 days.

Hi Verdan,
So it should be received in next couple of days then ?

I would reach out to t212 if it doesn’t reach by Friday Noon.

Thank you Vedran… Have a great day :wink:

Hi Vedra,
My uncle money still hasn’t arrived to his T212 Account. He has checked with his Bank and Money has definitely gone from the Bank…

Who can provide some update on this Please .